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Our premium house cleaning services are are tailored to your needs – and this is what differentiates us from other companies.  Many of our competitors simply have a checklist that does not account for individual clients’ preferences.  We listen to you, and deliver a service that exactly meets your needs.

We will always work with you to determine what you need and desire.

If you own particular products that you prefer, we request that you just them available where we can find them, and we will use that instead of our product. This can be a way for us to exactly meet your expectations when we work our powerful cleaning magic.  We use traditional household cleansers, several Clorox based. Please remember, even with regards to the goods we use, we’re not insensitive to your likes and dislikes.

maid service cleaned this kitchen in San Francisco CA

Our methodology is fairly straightforward – we simply clean everything top to bottom.  Guaranteed!

from the cobwebs by the ceiling, to dirt in the corners, to the floors – your house will shine.

Lighting, knickknacks, the shelves in your refrigerator… you name it, and we will clean it. It is worth every penny, although we do charge additional for the deep cleaning or extra tasks such as laundry and organizing things in your kitchen.

If we notice any areas that need a small touchup, we’ll go ahead and do these small additional tasks. As an example, some frisky pets leave marks that are smudged onto windows. These marks may not have already been discussed on our walk-through, but we will take care of it – because we believe the details matter and because we want you to be totally pleased with the end result. We’re really serious about our housecleaning services and we’re looking to make you a regular customer if you have an ongoing need for house cleaning or maid service.

We then go into our standard caring manner for our house-cleaning services. We nevertheless clean top to bottom and we keep our eyes open for any issues that are recurring.

Unless you want yours to be used by us, we supply our home cleaners. Ordinarily customers favor their own products for various types of flooring, granite counters, or on stainless steel appliances. We ask that you make outside the product on a counter, so the crew knows you need them to put it to use.

Unless you have given us permission, we will use all our own supplies.  This is why we ask you to leave the product on a counter we’ve got a policy not to open cabinets. We also have what we call a ‘closed door’ policy. If you as the customer close a door, the maids will not go in that area.  We do this because we understand there are a number of reasons why you may not want a cleaner in a particular room. This policy is an easy means to make sure you have that privacy. Please just click here to understand our other procedures. Most importantly, we care about what you want. Our employees live and breathe by the notion that doing more than what is anticipated, and always performing at a significant level is our minimum standard.  We hope to hear from you today!

Call Us Today – To Schedule An Appointment Or Get A Cost Estimate

(213) 267-9995