House Cleaning Services In Chico

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We specialize in house cleaning services in Chico.  Our maids clean the homes with expert attention to quality and of course we provide top customer service to go with that sparking clean.

Our top priority is to be there when you need us most.  During the joys and trials of life that we all experience, we know that some extra help with cleaning can go a long way.  You may be welcoming home a new baby, buying your first home, or maybe you have suffered a personal loss that means you just can’t afford the mental energy to clean while coping with everything else going on during those times. 

We welcome a lasting relationship with you – and all of our customers for that matter, and we take pride in that.

Here are just a few house cleaning service benefits:

  • Cleaning plan is individually tailored to your needs
  • Save your time and spend it on more valuable parts of your life
  • 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied
  • Stop the typical household “heated discussions” about housework
  • We offer eco-friendly products
  • Have confidence that your house is truly clean
  • Bonded, insured – our English skills are good too!

Just give us a call – you will soon find out how passionate we are about saving you from doing house work, freeing up your time, all while getting your house cleaner than it has ever been before,  spending your life on all the things that are most important to you, and even saving you money.  Have you ever really looked at all the money you spend on cleaning chemicals and equipment, wasted the chemicals you don’t use, not to mention putting a value on your own time.   We feel that the house cleaning industry is searching for a leader who provides eco-friendly and high quality cleanings, and who focuses on the customer first.  We are here to fill that need in the industry.  We strive to blaze the path for others and set the highest standards. 

Why not take ‘clean the house’ off of your to-do list ever.  Let us take care of that – since “it is what we do”!