House Cleaning Tips – The Basics

The Basics

Cleaning help that you hire can be an excellent shortcut to having a house that is organized and clean, as long as the price is within your budget. 

But what would you do if you wanted to do some light cleaning yourself?

Take a speed-cleaning lesson in the pros!

Pro cleaning services are masters of the craft of speedy, effective cleaning.  Just watch cleaners that are professional at work: they don’t squander time, cut corners or dawdle over the occupation  — and they know how to clean fast, still getting optimal results.

To accelerate cleaning chores in your home, take a few tips from their master playbook. Try these tips from expert cleaners.

Cleaners schedule every task, right down to the minute. Nobody hires a cleaning service that promises to arrive “some Saturday when nothing else is occurring.”  Take a tip in the professionals, and set up a weekly cleaning schedule that is routine.  When you set a specific amount of time to get something done, it will force you to get it done more quickly.

We can all agree — there is nothing like the sensation of an entirely clean house.  But if you peck away at the job like a bird looking for a worm, the parts you cleaned first will be ready for a new cleaning by the time you get to the end of the job! The masters don’t cease until the job is done, and neither should you.  Schedule the job, then stick to your schedule, if you want to get the work done in record time.


Professional cleaners get themselves ready  for the task at hand in comfortable, washable clothing designed for function.

Take a look at knee pads, for example,  and their supportive shoes. Safety glasses and gloves protect against chemicals, while a cleaning apron keeps equipment and tools at their finger-tips.

Clean catch -as-catch can and wear will catch it! Stop the madness of cleaning in unsuitable clothing.  You’ll either spill bleach or cleaning chemicals on your nice clothes or, almost as bad, your productivity will suffer from the need to be overly careful with spills, loss of range of motion to really get into those hard-to-reach areas.   Set aside a “cleaning uniform”, and wear it, right down to shoes, gloves and eye protection.

Invest In Proper Tools

Professional cleaners don’t use toys or gadgets disguised as tools. You’ll never find them toting crazy, specialized, one-use tools, or gee-whiz gimcracks hawked on late night television infomercials.

Forget supermarket cheapies, and invest in sturdy, quality cleaning tools. Replace that flimsy sponge mop with a terry-coated professional grade, effective floor-cleaning.

White terry cleaning fabrics (find them in the auto parts section as “detailing towels”) are durable enough to stand up to walls, counters and floors too.

If you have a mind to take your cleaning tasks into your own hands, these tips should help you save time and get better results.  But of course we stand by our main promise – hiring us to do your cleaning jobs for you will save you time, get you the very cleanest house possible, and actually not cost you very much – especially when you count the costs of buying your own supplies and equipment and put a cost on your own time.